CHAMP MOTOR (CHAMP33) is Top 15 Chinese factory which focus on gasoline motorcycle and electric motorcycle manufacturing. We have more than 30 years history of motorcycle production with annual 100,000 units.

Following the worldwide trend of EV growing, our R&D started the study of electric motorcycle since 4 years ago. 

Thanks for our high technical team as well thousands of testing, year 2019,CHAMP 33 successfully launch our patent electric motorcycle with Mid-drive motor 4 gear shift, which targets to Sport and Functional e vehicle.


Our patent Mid-drive motor with 4 gear shift developed together with China Nihao Motor group, whose reputation is for High quality, Low cost product, shows it’s advantage comparing with Hub-motor.

1)   Light weight

2)   Nice looking and design

3)   More climb ability

4)   More sport and exciting riding fun with 4-gear shift


CHAMP 33 new model Star 1200 Lithium battery sport electric motorcycle just launch in 2019. Most global markets are blank. We wish to build cooperation with worldwide dealer.

Star 1000w with electric motorcycle adult,electric scooter EEC homologation EURO 4 COC,EEC 168/2013 45km/h,L1e-B.


Please send us inquire to Mr.Peter Zou, export manager.


Whatsapp: 0086 -15000852413

Wechat: 610672217

Mobile: 0086 -131 2235 8895

Welcome to visit our factory in Chongqing city,China!


OEM production and label your logo is acceptable. Our strategy is ‘to be your reliable & trustable factory in China’. Any ODM,OEM cooperation will be welcomed by CHAMP MOTOR.

We offer Chinese electric motorcycle adult wholesale.

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China Sport EV Factory - Mid drive Motor

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