Accessory for Star

Champ33 offers a wide range of motorcycle scooter Accessories or Modification parts for the model Star, 

such as,

--Different rear carrier, which enables you to carry top box, to put helmet and other staff or as delivery vehicle, Pizza taker.

--CNC parts such as handlebar, side stand, makes your bike looks wonderful!

--Various headlight cover as option.

--Different style of rear fender, carbon, graffiti, etc

--Luggage box, top case, rear box ranging from 12L,29L,32L to 46L,50L or bigger. Since the bike is middle size, very easy to move in the city to assure your delivery time.

--Motorcycle scooter cover to against sunshine, rain.

--Italy design handmade vintage seat, café seat if you want a retro styling.


Start to enjoy your bike and catch eyes of your neighbor!

Now!  You!  Are!  The……………………. Star !

Need anything more not on list? Write us email,

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